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The full audio interviews recorded for this project can be listened to here.

You can download and read a summary of each interview.

The full interviews will also be deposited with the TUC archives and Bishopsgate Institute.

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Allen Ryell

Allen Ryell - Transcript

Balbir Bharj

Balbir Bharj - Transcript

Billy Hayes

Billy Hayes - Transcript

Bob Collins

Bob Collins - Transcript

Bob McGuire

Bob McGuire - Transcript

Carol Shonibare

Carol Shonibare - Transcript

Dave Cannell

Dave Cannell - Transcript

DAvid Bradbury

David Bradbury - Transcript

Egbert Hughes

Egbert Hughes - Transcript

Greg Charles

Greg Charles - Transcript

Huw Davies

Huw Davies - Transcript


Jane Buttigieg

Jane Buttigieg - Transcript

Jimmy Fleming

Jimmy Fleming - Transcript

John Hart

John Hart - Transcript

Katie Dunning

Katie Dunning - Transcript

Keith Brazier

Keith Brazier - Transcript

Mike Sullivan

Mike Sullivan - Transcript

Nicky Carter

Nicky Carter - Transcript

Norman Candy

Norman Candy - Transcript

Paul Wood

Paul Wood - Transcript

Ray Middlesworth

Ray Middlesworth - Transcript

Zehra Gurcakan

Zehra Gurcakan - Transcript